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Reverse Engineering

We specialize in reverse engineering of machined, cast and fabricated metal components. From individual components to complete assemblies, we cover it all. Typical example of work includes steam turbine and power valve components and assemblies. We have reverse engineered almost every major OEM power valve design style in service within the US market. Need help with your centrifugal pump or compressor, we can help with these also. ANSI and API design requirements are no issue.

Repair Planning & Design

We specialize in reverse engineering Allow us to generate your repair documentation for your power valves. Complete detailed inspection forms that cover every important fit, clearance and inspection check point. Establish consistency between all your asset inspection needs. Complete bid specifications can be developed for your use in bidding outage work; enabling real "apple to apple" comparison of bids which greatly reduces extra work charges. We will assist you in developing "best practices" focused on maintaining or improving the reliability and life of your equipment.

Part Manufacturing Planning

The reverse engineered drawings we create can be optioned to include step by step drawings, manufacturing procedures and inspection datasheets. Everything needed to produce, except the skilled machinists, a high quality part. Materials are identified, surface treatments are specified and critical quality steps are identified. Our plans will be catered to meet your ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Upgrade & Design Studies

Many older components were designed using the best available materials and designs available at the time. Engineering designs and materials have changed. Upgrade your individual components to the latest designs. We have designed and installed a number of Westinghouse throttle valve flex gasket modifications and AIB9402 upgrades. We have design upgrades for the Allis Chalmers stop valves, control valves and intercept valves. Do you have a design modification you would like to explore? We can assist you with this also. Upgrade the materials of your valve components to increase their service life, reduce erosion and scaling issues and increase the reliability of the system.

Spare Part Sourcing

Are you looking for a part and need it in a hurry? We can assist yo in locating qualified third party suppliers for your needs. Many of our suppliers manufacture directly for the OEM already so you are getting the same part, but cutting out the OEM. We resell all our parts at a "fixed" cost plus 15% basis.

3D Printing
Sreenige Services provides scaled down models of complex engineering products and systems, including static and dynamic models, cut out models, providing high impact presentation for operational studies , demo centers, showcasing in corporate offices for design reviews, customer education , technical training.
3D Scanning

SREENIGNE utilizes the newest technologies providing the most accurate and highest resolution 3D scan data in the industry. 3D scanning allows us to digitize virtually any physical object from cell phone components to entire aircraft. In addition to 3D scanning, SREENIGNE specializes in reverse engineering and 3D part inspection. Whether you need to remanufacture obsolete parts, design aftermarket components, or troubleshoot part geometry, SREENIGNE can help. You can send your parts to us, or we can come to you and scan onsite.


Optimize the timing for unplanned maintenance.


Verifying if proposed performance upgrades are achievable.


Assigning accountability to the initiation, propagation and final fracture of critical components.

SREENIGNE - SOLAR ENERGY - CSP (concentrated solar power) DEPARTMENT
  • We are officially representative of IWECS SOLAR CSP company based in UK & Serbia.
  • IWECS SOLAR CSP become leader in designing, testing and installing 5MW, 10MW and 100 MW commercial solar power plants .Also, IWECS SOLAR CSP designs and installs Solar individual systems and power plants for: residential and commercial buildings, production of sanitary and utility warm water, heating water in the pools, producing solar currents desalinization of seawater, etc.
  • At the road-Descent of the Sun to the Earth - IWECS SOLAR CSP has already designed and installed some of the biggest Solar Power Plants in EU and India.

Residential Design

We offer turnkey design and engineering services, so you can rest assured that permitting offices have everything they need to issue a permit as expeditiously as possible. Reverse-tilts, ground-mounts, trackers, flat roofs, car-ports, micro-inverters? No problem!.

Energy Storage Development

Energy storage is the key enabler for an energy economy generated by renewables. With current rate structures, incentives, and declining battery system costs, we have identified key markets for the deployment of these early-stage applications of already-proven technologies. SREENIGNE has extensive experience with start-up companies dedicated to energy storage integration, has successfully sold / developed cutting-edge lithium-ion and flow battery systems in the field, and has supported due diligence efforts to secure new funding opportunities.

We can assist you with: Business development and go-to-market strategies Product development and system integration with solar PV based on existing / tested energy storage technologies Product & system research, development, and due diligence

Balance-of-System Product Development & Strategy

The PV industry has gone through myriad transformations, development cycles, and product / system generations. Leverage our experience to take advantage of the industry’s successes and mitigate potential failures.

  • Integrated solar panels, distributed electronic technologies, balance-of-system components, racking / mounting solutions and hardware.
  • NRTL (CSA, Intertek / ETL, and UL) certification testing consulting services and Code-compliance
  • Go-To-Market strategy, cost structure, revenue / incentive research, cash flow analysis, business model development
The SREENIGNE - SOLAR POWER PLANTS Foundation - coming soon!

The Windfree Foundation will be granting technological solutions to local schools, worked with educators to develop curriculum around these technologies, and put solar and wind power into the hands and minds of the next generation of energy users. We are committed to transforming how we make and think about power. From our perspective, it is how we will thrive in the future.