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We offer either fixed price or hourly rates for our services. We can perform our re-engineering services either in our facility or at your location, In order to receive our rates, please contact us via the email address below and provide us with the following specifics:

  • Contact person's name, Email address, Phone Number and Title
  • Location of work to be performed (City, State, Plant name).
  • Dates requested for our service.
  • Type of components that will be re-engineered.
  • OEM name
  • Make of component
  • Cross-section, part list (as available)
  • List of specific components to be re-engineered.
  • Type of service you desire (Packages are: Silver, Gold and Platinum).
  • Condition of samples (New, or Service used)

Package Details


  • Consists of basic Quality Control Inspections drawings. These are suitable for verification of existing or new parts by a warehouse or internal inspector. Will include basic descriptino of the materials of construction and the QTC dimensinos of the component.


  • Consists of The contents of the "Silver" package and adds:
  • Manufacturing Drawings (step by step).
  • Basic procedures (Nitriding, Hardfacing, Weld Overlays, Manufacturing requirements).
  • Detailed description of material requirements to the OEM specifications (as available).


  • Consists of The contents of the "Silver" package and adds:
  • Process specific procedures such as Stress Relief, Welding (sample PQR), Detailed Nitriding specification.
  • List of available US material suppliers for the specific materials (to purchase to OEM specifications - where applicable).
  • Manufacturing Test and Inspection (TIP) for manufacturing.

Service Option: Consists of the contents of the corresponding "Silver", "Gold" and "Platnium" Packages and adds:

"Silver - Service":

  • Cross-section drawings are added
  • Detailed Bill of Materials

"Gold - Service":

  • Overhaul inspection datasheets (pdf format)
  • Individual component inspection datasheets (pdf format)

"Platinum - Service":

  • Inspection documents provided in pdf and Excel format (with clearance and fit auto-calculations).
  • Recommended Bid document work scope for use in bidding work out to third parties.
  • List of available third party repair and service providers.